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How to make money in Farming Simulator 22

Shaun M Jooste


Farming Simulator 22 is hardly out, and it’s already smashing large numbers on Steam. There’s a mix of the old and the new in the game, with many newcomers learning how to play the farming simulation game

With so many avenues of revenue available, we decided to show you how to make money in Farming Simulator 22. You’ll also see some tips on saving money so you can reduce expenses for better profit margins.

How to make money in Farming Simulator 22

Top Farming Simulator 22 strategies for increasing profits

No matter which difficulty you choose, at some point you’ll need to work out how to manage your money properly to make a decent profit on Farming Simulator 22. Here are a few tricks we learned along the way for increasing your funds towards a better bankroll.

Improving the crop yield

One of the latest features to enter the Farming Simulator universe is crop health. When you walk into a field, you’ll notice a percentage in the stats section. It refers to how healthy the crops are, and you’ll receive more money if you keep this number high.

Here are a few steps you can take to ensure healthy crops:

  • Plow the land every now and again
  • Fertilize the soil after sowing
  • Remove weeds in the early stages of crop growth
  • Apply lime to the soil after every third harvest
  • Use mulchers and rollers after harvesting press the stubble into the soil
  • Plant oilseed radish and then cultivate without harvesting

Crop markets and demand calendar

The market prices for crops have been around for several games, but there’s a new mechanic for it in Farming Simulator 22 that will help you make more money. With the addition of seasons, some crops are more valuable at specific times of the year. As you feed the demand, you’ll notice how the prices drop.

It’s best to keep an eye on which crops are needed more at that time. You can rotate them as needed, but make sure to store any items that have low prices for a future date. When winter arrives, you may see the demand skyrocket, which is the ideal time to sell.

Accepting contracts

You can also work on land that you don’t own via contracts. The larger fields give you more profit, but you’ll spend more time working on them. You need to calculate which will be the best revenue over a given time, and also include costs of hiring workers to assist and possibly leasing equipment.

Sometimes, it’s easier to simply fertilize or cultivate land yourself. Other times, you may want to have workers harvest while you collect the crops in a trailer. When it comes to harvesting, you can continue doing so even when the game says you’ve completed the task, as you may be able to sell what’s left.

How to make money in Farming Simulator 22

Applying animal husbandry

Farm animals present a long-term investment that may help when money is tight. You’ll need space on your land, time, and some initial capital outlay to get started. You’ll also need to feed them and keep the areas clean. 

In the end, they’ll provide you with products you can sell, such as milk, wool, and eggs. It won’t be long before you see a decent return on your investment.

How to make money in Farming Simulator 22

Forestry services

When you have some money rolling in on Farming Simulator 22 and time to burn, you should invest in forestry machinery. If you own land with loads of trees, you can cut them down and make a profit from them. However, you’ll need to plant new ones to replace them so you can repeat the process in the future.

Bees and greenhouses

What were once mods in Farming Simulator 19 are now primary items in FS22 that will yield some valuable products. Beehives produce honey, while greenhouses let you grow vegetables and fruit. You only need to water the greenhouse items, and you should see the produce appear shortly. It doesn’t make as much money as harvesting, but it serves as an extra income to boost your account.

Refined products

Another new concept to help you make money in Farming Simulator 22 is the production chain. Goods that you produce on your farms can now be used as ingredients for refined products. For instance, you can take corn and wheat to a grain mill for cereal. It takes some serious planning of which crops to grow to maintain the yield for several months.

How to make money in Farming Simulator 22

Tips for saving money in Farming Simulator 22

While the above strategies will help you make money, it doesn’t help if you have expenses that cut funds down. If you really want to make a profit, you’ll need to learn how to save money in Farming Simulator 22.

Take advantage of starter equipment

Although the easy mode, New Farmer, graces you with enough funds to buy new and improved vehicles, we recommend you keep the starting machinery. Those funds may go quickly, especially when setting up your farms. Wait until you have a steady income before you upgrade. Those small tractors are perfectly fine for the portions of land you’ll begin with.

Lease vehicles and equipment you hardly use

When you work on contracts and you don’t have the equipment for the job, it’s best to lease instead of spending cash. Your machines will be busy on your farms, and you don’t need to buy new ones just for contracts. Also, consider leasing small tools you’ll hardly use instead of buying them, as they will most likely just lie around until you need them again.

How to make money in Farming Simulator 22

Look at the “Used” section

There’s a new section that may save you some money in Farming Simulator 22 called “Used”. The prices for vehicles and equipment are lower, but you may need to spend some funds repairing them or getting them into shape. You’ll need to balance it out to see if it’s worth it in the long run.

Repair regularly

When vehicles break down, they will cost a lot to repair. It may seem tedious to take them for regular repairs, but it will be less of a burden on your bank account if you do so. As soon as the wear and tear reach a specific level, make a mental note to take it in.

Make use of workers

It may seem counter-intuitive to hire workers to make money, but as you know, time is money. The more time you spend on one task, the less you’re making. Spread out the workload between you and some AI workers, but ensure that you’re still earning a profit. They can assist with contracts while you work on your farms or vice versa. Or, you can harvest harm a farm while a worker does the rest.

Disable AI purchases

When a machine or tool runs out of resources, your workers will automatically ride to a designated area to replace them. It costs you money for something you can quickly do yourself. Disable this option in the settings so you are notified when something needs to be refilled.

Fertilize wisely

Shops provide liquid and solid fertilizers you can buy for your fields. However, you have options to avoid paying for it at all. You can use the manure from your animals if there’s enough, as one example. When you eventually have plenty of farms, it may not cover all of them, but it will save you on costs.

Find free water

There are water pumps you can place on your farm to conveniently refill your tanker for your animals. The only downside is that you’ll pay every time you use it. If you see a lake or small pond nearby, you can grab some water for free. Your livestock and crops won’t mind.

How to make money in Farming Simulator 22

Are you ready to make money in Farming Simulator 22?

As you can see, it’s easy to make and save money in Farming Simulator 22. It will take up lots of your time to get everything set up, but you should start seeing a nice profit after a few weeks. Now, head on out to your farms and start growing those crops!

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