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The farm life is a rewarding one in FS22

Farming Simulator 22 is a simulation video game wherein you can raise crops and farm animals to earn a living. Developed by Giants Software, this 3D photo-realistic farming simulation game is part of the Farming Simulator game series and is the sequel to Farming Simulator 19.

Similar to Ranch Simulator and Farm Manager 2018, Farming Simulator 22 offers realistic farming mechanics for its gameplay — from maintaining the entire life cycle of crops to yielding a good harvest. It adds various features to the franchise, like the all-new seasonal cycle, new crops, improved machines, and new maps.

The farming saga continues with FS22

Farming Simulator is a farming sim video game series first developed by Giants Software and published by Focus Home Interactive back in 2008. In it, you play as a farmer who must earn money to fix up their farmhouse and various machinery in order to sustain their living expenses. You primarily do so by harvesting crops and selling them, but you can also raise livestock and even dabble in forestry

In Farming Simulator 22, the core gameplay and tools available are still mostly the same as with the previous titles. However, there are three new crops here, as well as new machines and 34 real-life brands added to the game. The biggest update is the seasonal cycle, which lets you plant different crops and plan for the coming season in order to maximize your profits. There are even three new maps available.

Just like in the previous games, you can do co-op multiplayer on a farm with your friends. The game even supports free community-created mods to elevate your gaming experience. This is on top of the numerous graphical and gameplay overhaul updates implemented. However, if you’re an old fan of the series, FS22 is not too impressive when compared to FS19 — most especially when it comes to mod content.

What vehicles are going to be in FS 22?

As mentioned, FS22 comes with a variety of machines and vehicles that you can control — and most of them are from real-life farming equipment brands. For vehicles, there are different truck models — like the Lector Crystal HD, Case Magnum AFS Connect Series, and Fendt Katana 650 — and brands such as Mack Trucks, Versatile, and McCormick. These now have gear shifting for a more realistic driving simulation. 

Aside from vehicles, you can also buy tractors and harvesters, as well as Heavy Goods Vehicles for transporting your products. There’s even a new tire brand, automatic header tilt and height controls, and new ground-working tools for your machines. These additions expand your gameplay opportunities alongside the ability to set up production chains for a more seamless farming experience.

Three additional maps

Farming Simulator 22 introduces fresh additions to its farming map list — Elm Creek, Haut-Beyleron, and Erlengrat — offering players a wider selection of maps to play and enjoy. Every map presents its own distinctive terrain, climate, and detailed environment. Each also requires varying levels of farming expertise and provides a unique gaming experience. There will also be differences in the crops to be cultivated and the livestock to be bred in each farming environment. 

  • Elm Creek: Located in the US, this map is particularly suitable for beginners, as its topography consists predominantly of flatland with only minor inclines. As a player, you will start from the middle of the map, where you can build your farmhouse, barn, and all other agricultural structures you need to sustain your farmland.
  • Haut-Beyleron: This French farmland map features a more elevated terrain, as it’s situated in the hilly countryside. With a moderately warm climate, it makes for ideal land to grow exotic crops like olives and grapes. The most flexible of maps, it is suitable for beginner farmers and experienced farmers alike.
  • Erlengrat: Situated at the heart of the Swiss alps, this farm map is for the most skillful farmers. It features mountainous terrain and a colder climate, making it more challenging to prepare the crops in graduated steps of the slopes.


List of crops to grow

  • Wheat: This is one of the quintessential crops you would expect in a farming game. The planting season starts from September to October and takes up to 10 months to cultivate.
  • Barley: This is another grain crop with the same planting season as wheat. It has a shorter cultivation period of nine months.
  • Oat: This crop is collected with a combine harvester and a grain header. The planting season is from March and April, and it takes four months to harvest.
  • Canola: It has the longest cultivation season of 11 months. It can be planted from August to September.
  • Sorghum: This crop has the shortest growing period of four months. It can be planted between April and May.
  • Grapes: This fruit crop can be planted using mechanical means. It requires six months of cultivation season.
  • Olives: One of the most profitable crops available, this can be grown and harvested within four months.
  • Sunflowers: A versatile crop, sunflowers take half a year to grow.
  • Corn: A basic crop commodity, corn is one of the easiest crops to grow. It takes six months to cultivate
  • Potatoes: The most profitable crops in this farming game, potatoes don’t require high agricultural maintenance. It takes six months for a full harvest.
  • Sugar Beet: Another versatile crop, sugar beet can be used to produce sugar or be extracted as a biogas plant. It covers a seven-month cultivation period.
  • Sugar Cane: It yields the same end-product as sugar beet. They also have a similar farming period.
  • Cotton: Cultivated for its use in textile production, cotton is an essential farming crop that yields considerable returns.
  • Oilseed Radish: This is one of the most flexible and manageable crops to grow. It can be planted all year round.


New multiplayer modes

Coming in Farming Simulator’s patch 1.10 update are multiplayer modes in which you can battle things out with fellow players. There are two games available under the Esports tab — Bale Stacking Mode and Arena Mode. The former can be played by up to six players, with each trying to stack bales of hay onto a trailer under exciting time pressure. On the other hand,  the latter offers a more tactical approach by having two teams with three players each harvesting wheat and delivering pressed bales of them to the barn.

Has room to grow

All in all, Farming Simulator 22 is a great farming sim to try out if you want something more realistic and accurate. Not only does it add new gameplay mechanics and content to the beloved familiar features, but it also updates the graphics quality and other aspects of Farming Simulator 19. It doesn’t have an expansive mod community compared to its predecessor but it’s still a solid title.


  • Updated 3D photo-realistic graphics
  • Adds a seasonal cycle system
  • New crops, machines, and brands
  • Retained the previous beloved features


  • Can feel lacking compared to its predecessor

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Farming Simulator 22 for PC

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